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Banquet Facilities

Cracchiolos catering has been ranked #1 in Yolo County and will continue to grow strong. Mike and Debbie Cracchiolo now own and operate Cracchiolo's Market Deli Catering & Banquet Facility. With the help of many of the Cracchiolo children and family members, their business remains economically strong and they will maintain their well-established "independent" business in Woodland, California. They started catering twenty years ago, and were actually one of the first grocery stores to have a "deli" and "take-out" party tray service. From those beginnings, they have developed a successful business and are now able to provide you with most of all your party needs.

Historic Hotel Woodland


W.H. Meeks, a prominent Bay Area architect, originally designed the Historic Hotel Woodland in 1928. For more than 30 years, the hotel provided luxury accommodations to visitors and commercial businesses. In 1997, a group of local business people orchestrated the renovation of the landmark, restoring its Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture through painstaking preservation, for which the group subsequently was awarded recognition from then Governor Pete Wilson for their steadfast commitment to Downtown Revitalization. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, Hotel Woodland has been a favorite event venue for thousands of partygoers for more than a decade. The unique architecture, artwork, sculpture, alcoves, shaded patio and graceful fountain were meticulously preserved, returning the building to its original grandeur. A multitude of original, hand-painted wooden stencil designs adorn the ceilings and beams, as evidence to the 1,185 days and $7,500,000.00 dollars spent on reconstruction and modernization. We hope you will enjoy the personality of Historic Hotel Woodland and the old-time elegance that it will lend to your special event.

Cracchiolo’s banquet hall is available to hold lunches, dinners or any type of event. With a seat capacity of 125 it makes a great place to have your event. Call to book Cracchiolo’s banquet hall any time. The further in advance you make your booking, the better the chances of availability will be.

Please call to obtain menus and prices for our hotel & hall facilities.​​​​​

Cracchiolos Banquet Hall

Behind Cracchiolos Market is the Banquet Hall.  This is a great place to hold your luncheons, corporate meetings, and events.  Whatever occasion, this quant hall is the best price in town.  Accessible parking and free Wi-Fi is available.

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